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Direct Bonding Teeth In Hamilton and Columbus, GA

If your smile is chipped, cracked, misshapen, or gapped, direct bonding may be a solution for improving the appearance of your smile. Direct bonding essentially takes a putty-like material made from resin to correct minor damage or imperfections, such as cracked teeth, chipped teeth, tooth gaps, misshapen teeth, or replace existing silver fillings.
Direct Bonding

Benefits of Direct Dental Bonding

Direct bonding is used to repair minor damage to teeth and to close gaps or even replace silver fillings. Our bonding provides you with a lovelier smile while allowing your teeth to look better, function better and become healthier in the process.

Direct Dental Bonding Procedure

Your direct bonding experience will be smooth and painless. We utilize an anesthetic to numb the area to avoid discomfort. Your teeth are cleaned and then an etching gel is applied to the surface of your affected teeth. The etching is necessary to make your tooth surface bond with the composite material. After the direct bonding is complete,  we use a curing light to harden and set the material. If you have dental issues that bonding might help, schedule a consultation with Southeastern Dental Center to learn more!