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Full And Partial Dentures In Hamilton

Dentures, whether full or partial, are a custom-designed solution for missing teeth and surrounding gum tissue. They improve the look and function of your smile. Our quality dentures are made from metal, high performance plastic, and resin. If you have missing teeth, schedule a visit with Hamilton Family Dentistry to learn about your options. We can help you regain your confidence in how your teeth look, perform, and feel.
Full and Partial Dentures

Benefits of Dentures

Missing teeth can make your life difficult, both in terms of confidence and quality of life. It can even affect the rest of your oral health.  Dentures or partial dentures can really make a big difference.

Denture Process

The prospect of getting dentures can be overwhelming or worrisome to many people. Our staff will answer your questions and help you embrace the excitement of reclaiming your smile. Your dentures are custom-made to fit your teeth, so we must make impressions first. Once we have impressions to account for your teeth, gums, tongue, and muscles, we can send them off to our lab for modeling. After the two rounds of impressions, your denture base will be ready for the wax try-in phase. We will check for fit and comfort, so we can determine if the base is ready for the teeth to be added or should be modified for better function and appearance. You will try them on after the teeth have been added to check the fit again. We are still able to make changes as the teeth are held in with wax. After your final modifications are made, your dentures will be finalized and ready for you to take home. We will provide you with guidance on the best practices for taking care of your dentures before you leave the office. If you are ready to regain your smile, contact Southeastern Dental Center to learn more about our denture options.