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General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia for Dental Procedures

General anesthesia allows patients to get the dental care they need safely and painlessly.

A dentist in Columbus, GA is cleaning a woman's teeth. and preparing her for dental crown
A dentist in Columbus, GA is cleaning a woman's teeth during a dental care session
A woman getting dental care at a cosmetic dentist's office in Columbus, GA

Anesthesia for Dental Treatment

Anesthesia provides deep sedation to the entire body. This type of sedation is used for complex procedures such as oral surgery. With general anesthesia, you will be completely asleep during your treatment and will not have any memory of the time spent under anesthesia or feel any pain.

Anesthesia is always administered by a certified anesthesiologist who monitors the patient’s vital signs. In addition, you will be closely monitored by our team of dental professionals.

When Is Anesthesia Used in Dentistry?

General anesthesia is used when:

  • A patient needs to have multiple procedures done at the same time
  • A lengthy oral surgery procedure is required, such as wisdom teeth removal¬†
  • The patient has severe anxiety that makes it impossible to treat dental issues without sedation

What are the Benefits of Sleep Dentistry?

General anesthesia is an increasingly popular option for patients and dentists because of its numerous benefits.

  • The dental surgeon can work longer since the patient is asleep, allowing them to complete complex treatments in one appointment instead of multiple appointments.
  • The patient does not feel pain during their treatment.
  • The patient will not remember anything about the surgery once they wake up.

Is General Anesthesia Safe?

General anesthesia is very safe when administered by a trained dental surgeon. Sedation dentistry has an excellent safety record, and most patients experience no side effects.

After your procedure, it’s important to follow all post-operative instructions.

Overall, you can rest assured that general anesthesia is a safe and effective way to receive dental care.

Who Shouldn’t Use It?

Not everyone is a good candidate for sedation. Those with medical conditions such as heart or lung problems, pregnant women, small children, and those who are obese should not use general anesthesia. Before scheduling any sedation, we will discuss your health and medical background to ensure that we can make appropriate arrangements.

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