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Is There A Night Guard Procedure Process A Family Dentist Uses In Hamilton, GA, To Treat Bruxism With?

An image of a man grinding his teeth due to bruxism.

When people are struggling with bruxism, it can be a difficult challenge to overcome on their own. Grinding, clenching, and gnashing can cause some serious damage to a person’s teeth. That is why a trusted family dentist in Hamilton, GA, will treat those who have bruxism with a night guard while they sleep, keeping their teeth from becoming damaged. There are a variety of ways that a night guard can help people who have bruxism.

Here is why a family dentist will treat those who have bruxism with a night guard.

Why Should I Get My Bruxism Treated By A Family Dentist In Hamilton, GA?

Bruxism is the medical term for people who grind, gnash, and clench their teeth frequently. There are two main types of bruxism. One is night-time bruxism, where people grind their teeth in their sleep. The other is awake bruxism, where people are unconsciously clenching their teeth tightly during the day. There are a variety of ways people can tell if they are grinding their teeth throughout the day or night.

Jaw pain, for one, is a big indicator, especially if the jaw pain is persistent each day. This pain can also be in the neck. Bruxism can even be the cause of dull headaches, increased tooth sensitivity or pain, earaches, ringing in the ears, disrupted sleep, and TMJ disorders. When people have bruxism, they should go to a trusted family dentist to get it treated

Should I Go To A Family Dentist For A Night Guard To Get My Bruxism Treated?

For many, bruxism only occurs at night. That is why going to a family dentist to treat bruxism with a night guard will be most effective for preventing continued damage and pain. Night guards are made out of a durable acrylic material that will keep people’s teeth safe from their bruxism.

When people have bruxism, night guards are a lifelong solution that is reliably prescribed by family dentists to keep their teeth, jaw, and face happy and healthy for years to come.

Come See Our Family Dentist In Hamilton, GA For Your Night Guard

If you are interested in getting yourself a night guard to help you overcome the difficulties of your bruxism, we may have just the solution! We offer night guards to all our clients who are struggling with bruxism, as it is the most effective way to treat bruxism.

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