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Metal-Free Porcelain Restorations In Hamilton and Columbus, GA

For decades, gold, silver, and nickel were used commonly within dentistry. As technology has progressed, we have found alternatives which are strong and subtle at the same time. Southeastern Dental Center is proud to offer completely metal free restorations using porcelain. Porcelain mimics natural tooth enamel in strength and appearance. Whether you need a crown, a bridge, an inlay, or an onlay, we can perform the dental work without the use of metal. Contact us to schedule a consultation to hear how going metal free could be beneficial for you.

Metal Restorations

Benefits of Metal-Free Restorations

Our metal-free fillings and crowns are durable, so you can eat and smile with confidence. These restorations are longer-lasting and can strengthen and protect your teeth for many years.

Metal-Free Restoration Procedure

When you have a metal free restoration, our staff will fully answer your questions and guide you through what to expect during your procedure. Our staff will make the necessary changes to your mouth to accommodate your new metal free restorations. We will implement the metal free restorations and provide clear guidance on care to preserve your investment in your smile. If you are ready to go metal-free, call Southeastern Dental Center to schedule your visit!