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Nightguards For Bruxism In Hamilton

If you suffer from Bruxism, your teeth are in serious danger while you sleep. Teeth grinding, clenching, and gnashing can lead to dental issues, such as teeth loosening, teeth fracturing, jaw pain, and tooth loss. Night guards can help you rest peacefully knowing that your teeth are safe. Our team at Hamilton Family Dentistry can help you get a night guard that fits comfortably and does not disrupt your sleep.
Nightguards for Bruxism

Nightguard Benefits

Nightguards can help protect teeth from damage by preventing clenching and teeth grinding while you are sleeping.  They can help prevent jaw ache, headaches, tooth pain and wear and tear on your teeth.

Nightguard Procedure

During a consultation, we can determine the correct course of action. Some teeth grinding can be caused by sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, you need to address that issue as well. Our night guards are effective because they are custom-fit. We will make impressions of your teeth to ensure that we can make a night guard which will fit your teeth properly and comfortably. The night guard will make high quality thermoplastic material. When your night guard is ready, we will invite you back to the office to try it on. We will make sure that you have the proper fit before you leave. Also, we will offer tips for using and caring for your night guard. If you suffer from teeth grinding, gnashing, or clenching in your sleep, call Hamilton Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation!