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Oral Cancer Screening In Hamilton, GA

Successful treatment of oral cancer happens through early detection. We screen our patients for signs of oral cancer during checkups. In addition to using our trained eyes and knowledge, we also utilize technology to highlight the signs of oral cancer. using a VELscope, any concerning spots in the mouth tissue are highlighted with a blue light. We recommend being screened with the VELscope annually for peace of mind. The Hamilton Family Dentistry team wants to support your oral health through screening meticulously. Schedule your screening today!
Oral Cancer Screening

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is important because it helps identify mouth cancer. Early detection increases your chance of successful treatment.
About 84% of oral cancer cases can be diagnosed early by our team at Southeastern Dental Center.

Oral Cancer Screening Process

We will welcome you into the office and answer any questions you may have about the screening process. Our team will conduct a thorough visual examination and utilize the VELscope to look for any warning signs. If there are no concerning signs, you can rest peacefully. If we do find any signs, we will go ahead and guide you on your next step, which could be a biopsy or observation. Early treatment has a strong success rate, so keep your spirits up regardless of the outcome of your screening. Call Southeastern Dental Center to schedule your screening today!