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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide for Dental Procedures

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is one of the most commonly used sedatives to help patients feel more comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. It is a colorless and odorless gas that can be used to reduce pain and anxiety during dental treatment for both children and adults.

A dentist in Columbus, GA is cleaning a woman's teeth. and preparing her for dental crown
A dentist in Columbus, GA is cleaning a woman's teeth during a dental care session
A man on a dental examination before the dental crown treatment in Columbus, GA
Dental check-up from a dentist in Columbus, GA, before an Invisalign treatment

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work?

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is one of the most commonly used anesthetics in dentistry for several reasons. It is considered to be safe and easy to use, and it helps ease the discomfort of some dental procedure. It is administered to dental patients through a small mask that fits over the nose and is worn throughout the procedure. The numbing effects work quickly when you breathe it in.

The sedative effects include feeling lightheaded and relaxed, and some people report feeling euphoric. The disorienting effects of the drug wear off within a brief period after you stop breathing it in, so you can drive yourself home after your appointment. Using nitrous oxide sedation during a dental procedure is safe and effective.

When is Nitrous Oxide Used for Dental Treatment?

In most cases, laughing gas is only used for short procedures, such as cleanings or fillings. However, in some cases, laughing gas may be used for more invasive processes, such as root canals.

What are its Benefits?

Nitrous oxide provides many benefits, including:

  • It has calming and numbing effects
  • It helps people feel more comfortable during their appointment
  • It helps to reduce pain and anxiety
  • It can be easily administered by a dentist or other trained professional
  • Wears off quickly, so patients can drive themselves home after their procedure

Who Shouldn't Use Laughing Gas?

Using laughing gas for most children and adults is generally considered a safe and effective anesthetic. Still, there are a few reasons why some groups should avoid using nitrous oxide.

Pregnant women, patients with medical conditions such as asthma or heart disease, and patients under the age of six should not use nitrous oxide.

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