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Are Dental Implant Procedures A Comprehensive Tooth Replacement Option?

a dental assistant smiling as she is showing a patient a dental implant model before she gives her a comprehensive dental implant procedure to replace her missing teeth.

When it comes to permanently replacing one or more missing teeth, there is no tooth replacement option better than dental implants in Hamilton, GA. By going to a highly skilled doctor, patients can have a comprehensive dental implant procedure. With a comprehensive dental implant procedure, a patient’s biting, chewing, and speaking abilities will be restored.

To learn more about how a comprehensive dental implant procedure can enhance a patient’s smile, continue reading.

Can I Get A Comprehensive Dental Implant Procedure?

There is nothing quite like dental implants when it comes to replacing natural teeth. When patients go to a modern and advanced dental office, they can get a new smile that looks and feels natural. Patients can get the smile of their dreams with dental implants in Hamilton, GA, because it is a comprehensive procedure. This means the tooth root and visible portion of the patient’s tooth is restored in this comprehensive tooth replacement procedure.

What Happens During A Comprehensive Dental Implant Procedure?

Before the dental implant surgery in Hamilton, GA every begins in a comprehensive dental implant treatment, the patient will be administered sedation dentistry so that they can have a painless and anxiety-free procedure. If patients need a bone grafting procedure or a tooth extraction, this will be done before the implant surgery begins as well.

When the dental implants are actually getting placed, the dental implant post, which is accurately placed in the patient’s jawbone, can provide patients with long lasting support and strength. Next, the abutments attaching the dental implant post to the prosthesis is placed.

As the dental implants are healing, a temporary prosthesis can be placed to give patients an immediate new smile that looks natural and is functional. When the final prosthesis is placed, the patient can benefit from having a beautiful new smile that allows them to maintain their normal diet and speak comfortably.


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