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How To Overcome Dental Anxiety

Does your anxiety kick in every time you schedule a dental visit? With over 60% of adults experiencing dental anxiety, you are not alone. Our team at Hamilton Family Dentistry wants to help you overcome your fears and stay peaceful throughout your visit with us. There are some common triggers for many patients who are struggling with dental anxiety. Identifying the root of your dental anxiety can help you move past it.

Possible Triggers of Dental Anxiety

·       Cost—Especially since many health plans provide little to no dental coverage, many patients can be crippled by anxiety thinking about the cost of their oral care. Restorative dentistry is far more expensive than preventative care. Going for routine cleanings and practicing good oral health habits at home will greatly diminish the chance of costly care. If you do need some sort of restorative care already, we will share all the options to remedy the problem, so we can find the right choice to fit your needs and budget. Your smile is worth the investment, so never delay your appointment because you are afraid of the expense.

·       Pain—Fear of pain can be a strong reason patients choose to put off appointments. Delaying appointments could lead to undiscovered dental problems, which turn into more painful problems. Going to the dentist should not be an uncomfortable experience. We provide sedation dentistry to help ensure your visit is pain-free and relaxing. Depending on your needs, you could benefit from using nitrous oxide or oral sedation during your dental procedure or cleaning.

·       Past Experiences—If you have had a bad experience at the dentist, tell us all about it. We are here to listen to you and offer compassionate support. Our team wants to help you overcome your past trauma and transform the dentist office into somewhere you feel genuinely cared for.

·       Self-Conscious—If your smile embarrasses you, Hamilton Family Dentistry is exactly where you should be right now. We have truly seen it all, so we will not be off-put by the condition of your oral health. Our team just wants to help you improve your health and achieve the smile you deserve in a reassuring and compassionate environment.

·       Helplessness—Feeling out of control can be a triggering experience. If you become overwhelmed during your dental visits, just let our staff know. We can always give you a break if you need it. Since your comfort is our first concern, we are glad to move slowly if that helps put your mind at rest.

Dental anxiety is nothing to feel ashamed about. We want to help you maximize your comfort and overcome your dental fears. Schedule your visit at Hamilton Family Dentistry and let us start changing the way you feel about dentistry!