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Will I Be Able To Get My Bruxism Treated?

An image of a dental patient grinding their teeth.

When people grind or clench their teeth, also known as bruxism, it can be very detrimental to the health of their teeth. Bruxism can happen unconsciously during the day or night. Fortunately, there are different types of procedure options available for bruxism in Hamilton, GA that patients can get treated with to guard their teeth. Here is a more detailed explanation of what bruxism is and how it can get treated.

How Does Bruxism In Hamilton, GA Impact My Oral Health?

When people have bruxism, it can cause their teeth to be worn down and damaged. It can even cause people to feel pain in their teeth, jaw, face, or ears. The great news is, there is a treatment option available that can be used to treat bruxism so that patients can improve the quality of their life, and most importantly, prevent additional damage to their teeth.

How Do Night Guards Help Me Treat My Bruxism In Hamilton, GA?

When people with bruxism go to a skilled and knowledgeable dental professional, they can get treated with night guards. Night guards are a customized procedure option that is worn at night to prevent grinding and clenching from waring down and causing more damage to the patient’s mouth.

Those who don’t treat their bruxism with night guards are at risk of having trouble eating, speaking, and may even experience disruptions in their sleep schedule and daily activities.

Come To Our Office So We Can Expertly Treat Your Bruxism

Bruxism can have serious consequences if it is left untreated. This is why coming to our skilled and knowledgeable dental professional for your personalized night guards is very important. Don’t hesitate to treat your bruxism with night guards. Get in contact with our doctor, Dr. Arrington at our office to schedule an appointment today!