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Your Dentist in Harris County Says This Could Harm Your Oral Health

One of your goals for the spring is to leap forward with excellent oral health. Therefore, you’re looking for areas that you can make improvements in. Your dentist in Harris County says a simple way to make an impact is to become aware of which activities pose a threat to your oral health, and in making the necessary changes, preventing dental mishaps.

These Activities Can Harm Your Oral Health

There’s an old saying that goes, “Knowing is half the battle.” Thus, by becoming aware of how you could be jeopardizing your oral health, you can take the needed steps toward making a difference.

You should avoid or make special arrangements for the following activities:

  • Playing Sports – If you’re involved in some form of sport, then there’s a chance for a collision and trauma to your mouth, teeth or gums. One remedy is to wear a custom-fitted mouthguard. Thus, if there is a mishap, you’ll be better protected.
  • Unhealthy Eating – Eating unhealthy diet can be a problem too. That’s because the ingredients in processed foods and the many different versions of sugar that are available, contribute to bacteria growth. If allowed to get out of hand, a cascade of oral problems can materialize, like tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss and several others. So if you have a taste for something sweet, try out a piece of fruit instead of some type of snack food.
  • Smoking – If you want to rid your mouth of the toxins that can contribute to problems like oral cancer, then it’s a must to stop smoking. Not only can it cause serious oral health problems, it can also affect the rest of your body.
  • Grinding Your Teeth (Bruxism) – If you have an issue of bruxism, whether it’s because of stress or anxiety, it’s important to seek help, immediately. That’s because the action of your top and bottom teeth grinding against each other rapidly wears down your enamel and can lead to tooth loss. Furthermore, this can leave you more susceptible to infection.

The Benefit of Excellent Oral Hygiene

There are two activities that you definitely always want to maintain, and they are brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day. When you brush, you are removing the built-up plaque from your teeth, while flossing gets into the hard-to-reach spaces to remove debris and bacteria.

Pay Your Dentist a Visit

In addition to maintaining your oral hygiene, you should also be sure to visit your local dentist semi-annually for cleanings and checkups. The former will remove the most stubborn substances – including tartar – from your teeth and along the gumline, and the thorough check-up will explore every aspect of your oral health.

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About the Author

A graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, Dr. Alan Arrington has been practicing dentistry for nearly a decade. In his postgraduate capacity, he remains very eager to continue learning, which is why he has undergone over 150 hours in continuing education on various dental procedures. Dr. Arrington, who is a member of several professional organizations, practices at Hamilton Family Dentistry and can be reached for more information through his website.