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Dentures Are Perfect for Patients Missing Teeth

You’re not the only patient that can’t imagine having dentures. In fact, nearly 60% of respondents in a Prevention.com survey said they don’t expect to need dentures because they care for their teeth. The truth is, that dentures are a more common restoration than you may think. The number of US adults needing dentures is predicted to increase from 33.6 million in 1991 to 37.9 million in 2020, according to research published in The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. Dentures in Hamilton are for anyone who is living with several missing teeth.

Who is a suitable candidate for dentures?

Most people believe that only older patients are typically perfect denture candidates. In reality, if you’ve lost even a few of your teeth you may be the ideal denture candidate. Since your overall health is important to our practice, your visit typically will begin by evaluating the health of your teeth and gums. This way, we decide which type of dentures are right for you.

In most cases, dentures offer a great solution to our patient’s problems with speech or chewing because of their missing teeth. There are a few cases in which we may steer our patients in a different direction, usually if they smoke regularly, have a sensitive gag reflex, or grind and clench their teeth. These factors typically make for a weak jawline, which unfortunately will not be able to support the dentures or keep them in place. The best way to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for dentures is to meet with your Hamilton dentist.

What denture options are available?

Advances in restorative dentistry have made various denture options available for our patients. Hamilton Family Dentistry is equipped with the knowledge and technology for our patients to experience the best dental care for their personalized situations. The three denture variations that we offer include:

Partial Dentures

commonly referred to simply as a “partial”, consists of multiple teeth placed on a gum-colored base. The artificial teeth are spread in the correct places to fit within your mouth to fil in your gaps or missing teeth like a puzzle.

Full Dentures

the complete top or bottom row of teeth mouthed on a gum-colored base.

Implant Supported Dentures

A secure variation of dentures stabilized by dental implants anchored to your jawbone.

How can I get dentures?

A smile just isn’t the same if it’s incomplete. Missing teeth cause various problems, from difficulty speaking and eating to jawbone deterioration. Don’t give up on your smile by ignoring your missing teeth. Advances in restorative dentistry have made full and partial dentures more lifelike and comfortable than ever. Contact us to determine which option is best for you during a scheduled consultation.