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Don’t Be Scared of a Root Canal in Harris County, GA!

Root canals are rumored to be long, painstaking dental treatments. But, are they really? Believe it or not, getting a root canal in Harris County, GA is no more uncomfortable than receiving a filling. Modern dentistry techniques and therapies have eliminated the scary and painful dental treatments of the past. So, what can you expect if you need a root canal from Hamilton Family Dentistry?

Understanding Root Canals

When you think about a root canal, just picture a much bigger filling that extends deeper inside your tooth. Also called “endodontic therapy”,  a root canal procedure replaces damaged or infected nerve tissue from within the tooth with a special material called guttapercha. In the end, your dentist caps off the tooth with a crown to keep it strong.

For both regular fillings and root canals, your dentist will give you an injection of a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. You can expect a root canal procedure to leave the affected tooth clean and free of dental debris to avoid getting an infection in the future.

Other than that, it probably won’t feel different from getting a regular filling! There really is no reason to be afraid that it will hurt. What’s more, Hamilton Family Dentistry has a few other sedation methods to make sure we can complete the procedure while you’re comfortable and relaxed.

Root Canals and Dental Sedation

Dr. Alan Arrington offers all kinds of sedation dentistry options at Hamilton Family Dentistry. You can receive the dental work your smile desperately needs in a relaxed environment. These include laughing gas or oral conscious sedation.

You can be confident when you visit our office for help with an infection or tooth pain. We know how important root canals are to saving teeth. We also know how important it is to balance your treatment with your comfort. Before your procedure, your dentist will explain everything that will happen and answer all your questions to help you feel even better.

The Pain-Free Recovery Period

After treatment, you’ll be advised to not chew on that tooth for a while. You may still feel numb for some time after the procedure, but any discomfort in the days to come should be manageable with a mild painkiller. We strongly recommend that you diligently practice good hygiene to avoid re-infecting your tooth and keep your surrounding teeth healthy as well.

Let us help you with your tooth pain!

If you think your tooth may be infected or need help saving your natural smile, choose Hamilton Family Dentistry. Your dentist in Harris County, GA is confident that we have the restorative and sedation options to help keep your smile functioning painlessly. Call us today to schedule a consultation if you feel that you might have a tooth in need of a root canal.