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Periodontal Therapy in Harris County, GA Saves Smiles!

When you brush your teeth in the morning or at night before bed, do your gums bleed? It may have happened so many times that it began to seem normal. In reality, whenever your body bleeds it’s showing you that something needs to be addressed. If you have bleeding, red, swollen gums during your dental routine at home, it’s time to reach out for help with your gum disease with periodontal therapy in Harris County, GA.

The Tell-Tale Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease begins with dangerous bacteria and food particles building up in your mouth. Plaque, a sticky film-like substance, sits on top of your teeth, gums, and tongue. Overtime, it will harden if it’s not removed on a regular basis—creating harmful tartar. As gum disease advances and develops into periodontal disease, it can cause infections and inflammation that deteriorate your healthy teeth, gums, and jawbone. You may notice these symptoms if your mouth is becoming infected with gum disease:

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Tender gums
  • Bleeding when brushing or flossing
  • Buildup of pus between gums
  • Loose fitting teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Pockets of infection along your gum line
  • Chronic bad breath

Stages of Periodontal Disease

Healthy Gums:

Strong, pink gums should not bleed when you brush and floss your teeth at home. They also shouldn’t bleed when Dr. Arrington professionally clean them.

Gingivitis (Early Stage of Periodontal Disease):

Red, swollen gums that bleed when brushed or flossed at home. Bleeding gums are a huge red flag that gum disease is developing. There is a potential loss of gum tissue with gingivitis, but in most cases, your jawbone still stays healthy.

Early Periodontal Disease:

Your red, swollen gums will continue to bleed every time you brush and floss. Your gums will start to form pockets between teeth and start receding from your teeth. A film of bacteria will sit on top of your teeth and will eat away at the density of your jawbone. You have higher chances of losing your teeth at this stage.

Advanced Periodontal Disease (Peritonitis):

You will experience heavy bleeding when you try to brush and floss your teeth. You will notice severe gum recession and your teeth will feel extremely loose.

Don’t Fear Gum Disease, Treat it!

If you need help with restoring the health of your gums, it’s time to reach out to our dental professionals. We offer non-invasive ways to treat your gum disease in Harris County, GA and get your oral health back on track:


The non-surgical portion of gum disease therapy that removes hardened plaque (tartar) from below the gum line.

Root Planing

This part of gum disease therapy goes hand-in-hand with scaling. Our dental professionals will smooth the tooth roots. This helps promote stronger, healthy, and most importantly attached gums.

Antibiotic Therapy

Taking an oral antibiotic can help reduce the number of bacteria that’s in your mouth during your periodontal therapy. This helps to battle internal infections and dangerous inflammation.

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