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There’s No Excuse to Miss Visits with Your Dentist in Hamilton!

Did you know that over 100 million Americans don’t go to the dentist simply because they cannot afford it? Instead, many end up broken—both their teeth and their spirits—because they don’t feel confident enough to get the job they really want, or they can’t get hired! Thankfully, there are dental practices out there like Hamilton Family Dentistry that offers an option that allows all patients to receive the dental care they need: an in-house special savings plan. Your dentist in Hamilton understands how important it is to have your smile cared for. Don’t let finances come in the way of maintaining your health.

Introducing Our In-House Savings Plan!

Do you see your child’s mouth changing, but worry that you won’t be able to get him or her into the dental office before their teeth become damaged? Or have you “ignored” a toothache because you can’t afford the treatments or procedures that may follow your initial appointment? Don’t fret. Your family dentist in Hamilton is here to help you and your loved ones even before dental issues arise.

Our In-House Savings Plan Includes Preventive Care

As your dental care team, we emphasize preventing dental problems before they happen by maintaining excellent care. That’s why we include preventive care twice a year at the minimal cost. When you visit Hamilton Family Dentistry for a preventive care appointment, you can expect:

A comprehensive examination

Dr. Arrington look at every detail about each patient’s mouth. We search for signs of oral health issues that may be hard to spot with an untrained eye. We can spot health issues like decay, gum disease, TMJ dysfunction, and teeth grinding in its initial stages and start the best treatment to get your oral health back on track.

A professional cleaning

Our knowledgeable, friendly dental hygienists and dentist will systematically remove plaque and bacteria from hard to reach spots in your mouth. Even with an excellent oral health routine at home, it is important to have your dentist professionally clean the areas that you may have accidentally missed.

A customized plan for treatment

After your exam and your cleaning, we will take the time to discuss what we’ve noticed. We can answer any questions you may have and develop a plan for further treatment if needed. This way, our dental professionals and patients continue to work together to achieve their best oral health. If you need additional dental work, don’t worry about paying outrageous prices to restore your oral health. We offer 20% off any additional services you may need outside preventive care.

It’s time to Get Back in the Dental Office

What’s keeping you from snagging that job or simply feeling better about yourself? Your excuse can’t be your teeth anymore—not when we offer this helpful in-house savings plan. It’s time to get your smile back in order! Contact our Hamilton office today to discuss your options and schedule the next available appointment.