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“Say Cheese” with the Children’s Dentist in Hamilton, GA

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, so there’s no better time than right now to go over a few important tips that will help your kids enjoy a lifetime of healthy and happy smiles. Dr. Arrington is the children’s dentist in Hamilton, GA who works hard to make sure your children enjoy coming to see him. All of us at Hamilton Family Dentistry want your children to have happy memories of seeing the dentist, so they’ll be more inclined to always make oral healthcare a priority.

Come See the Dentist in Hamilton

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a first appointment within six months of when that first tooth appears or by the time your child is one year old. This early appointment gives Dr. Arrington the chance to spot any developmental problems.

Then, just like mommy and daddy, children need to see the dentist twice each year for dental checkups. These regularly scheduled appointments should begin between the ages of two and three. At these visits, our dental hygienist will count your son or daughter’s teeth, assess the health of their gums and clean their teeth if they seem ready.

Taking Care of Little Smiles at Home

While seeing the dentist is essential to maintaining your child’s oral health, nothing is more important than the care you provide at home. Even before your baby has teeth, you need to be caring for his or her smile. After each feeding, wipe their gums with a soft damp cloth in order to remove the sugars that are in formula and breast milk. And once a tooth erupts through the gum, it’s time to get your child accustomed to brushing. You don’t need to use toothpaste—just run a small, soft brush under lukewarm water and gently rub on their teeth.

As they grow older and have more teeth, flossing should become a normal part of their oral hygiene routine. You can make brushing and flossing more fun by playing their favorite song. Brushing isn’t finished until the song ends!

Proper Nutrition for a Strong and Healthy Smile

You know how important a well-balanced diet is to your child’s overall health. Well make no mistake—what your child eats and drinks can have a significant impact on their oral health, too. It is common knowledge that sweet treats can lead to tooth decay. Instead of cookies, cakes, crackers, and candies, encourage your child to eat foods that strengthen their teeth such as hard cheeses, yogurt, carrot sticks, and other fresh fruits and vegetables. When they are thirsty, offer water or milk, which helps to harden tooth enamel.

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