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The Power of Preventative Oral Care

When you are being proactive with your oral care, you can avoid more serious problems later. A beautiful and functional smile does not happen by accident, but rather by implementing good habits and a healthy lifestyle. Taking steps to invest in your oral health now will pay off significantly in the future. The Hamilton Family Dentistry team is here to support you in your commitment to long-term oral health.

Positive Steps for a Healthy Smile

Focus on Consistently Brushing and Flossing – When you are committed to your oral health daily, your smile will reflect your dedication. Between your professional visits with us, make sure to brush and floss your teeth properly each day. Based upon recommendations from the American Dental Association, we encourage patients to brush their teeth at least twice daily or after eating/drinking. You can choose to add mouthwash to catch any missed spots but brushing and flossing are the two most crucial and effective cleaning solutions for your teeth.  

Schedule Cleanings and Oral Cancer Screenings as Recommended – For ideal oral health, you need to prioritize a professional cleaning every 6 months. Your cleanings are important for the cleaning aspect, but they are also vital for diagnosing potential problems. Early detection is helpful for treatment whether you have a simple cavity or something more complex like oral cancer. Our team will meticulously examine your mouth to ensure that any abnormalities are spotted, and all concerns are addressed. We also can make recommendations for improving your at-home dental regimen if we are noticing any problems. Whether you are in the office for a visit or at home, we are still equally committed to your oral health, so please reach out when you need help.

Choose Healthy Snacks For Your Teeth – Tooth decay can happen when sugary or starchy snacks get stuck to our teeth and the natural bacteria in our mouth breaks them down. The breakdown process releases a small amount of acid, which eats away the enamel of our teeth. Enamel is designed to protect our teeth, so we need to keep our enamel in good shape. Making better snack choices can help. Choose fresh options like celery, carrots, or apples. The texture of these produce choices will give your teeth a little bit of a brush. Cheese, yogurt, and plain nuts can be beneficial because they provide a dose of calcium and phosphorus, which your body will utilize to rebuild enamel. You do not have to give up snacks to have a great smile; just choose better snacks.

Negatives of Poor Oral Health

When you do not choose to prioritize preventative care, your oral health is at a significant risk. There are many diseases and unpleasant problems which have been connected to poor oral health. If you choose to be proactive with your oral care, you may avoid these issues entirely.

Diseases – Your body is obviously all connected, so you should not be surprised when your oral health impacts over parts of your body. When you have poor oral health, you are at a greater risk for many other systemic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, bacterial pneumonia, and more. Oral cancer cannot be completely prevented, but you can decrease your risk factors for it and other conditions. Avoid consuming alcohol excessively and utilizing tobacco. Practice moderation in your dietary choices. Stay active. Healthy lifestyle habits can go a long way in prevention of future health problems.

Expensive and Extensive Dental Procedures – You will probably need more costly and complex solutions to restore your wellness when you have poor oral health. Through establishing healthy habits, you may avoid extreme measures completely. Seeing that over 80% of Americans have needed at least one simple dental filling, oral health is a widespread concern. Act now to prioritize your oral health so your procedures will not extend to something beyond a simple filling.

Restricted Diet – You could have to avoid sticky, hard, or cold foods due to poor oral health. Cold sensitivity could become a regular discomfort. Through a preventative oral health regimen, you will have the freedom to eat and drink your favorite foods without pain.

Bad Breath and Smile – Stinky breath and a dirty smile will be unpleasant and unattractive no matter what setting you are in daily. Over time, you may even feel like you must keep your mouth closed out of embarrassment. The value of clean breath and beautiful smile cannot be overstated.

Your commitment to preventative oral care really pays off in the health and beauty of your smile. We are ready to help you improve your oral health. Schedule your appointment with Hamilton Family Dentistry today!