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Meet the Hamilton Dental Team

Hamilton Family Dentistry is committed to creating the most comfortable experience for our patients. Our dental team is led by Dr. Arrington, who set the vision for genuine customer care. We believe that knowing your dentists can help encourage comfort. Through this blog, we wanted to give a glimpse into the passionate dentists who lead Hamilton Family Dentistry.

Dr. Arrington

Dr. Arrington found his purpose and passion once he entered dentistry. After earning his degree in finance from University of Alabama and continuing postgraduate studies at Columbus State, Dr. Arrington started work at a bank. He felt like something was missing and that he had not found his niche yet. He decided to attend dental school. When he started dental school at the Medical College of Georgia, he was married with three kids. He credits his success to the unyielding support of his wife. In dentistry, he found the opportunity to interact with patients, get to know them, and experience the joy of helping them. The connection to patients fulfills Dr. Arrington and drives him to continually be the best for his patients. Dr. Arrington loves the small town feel of Hamilton and he feels entirely at home caring for the patients of Harris County. With every patient, Dr. Arrington strives to make them feel comfortable and relaxed regardless of whether they are having a basic cleaning or a dramatic smile makeover.

If you are ready to schedule a visit with Dr. Arrington, call Hamilton Family Dentistry today! Our dedicated team wants to deliver the best care in a comfortable setting for your family.