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What a difference a new smile can make

A smile is a first impression and builds a connection. The value of a smile cannot be overstated. If your smile is not your best feature because of missing or damaged teeth, Teeth in a Day could be the ideal solution. Using state of the art equipment, materials, and methodology, Hamilton Family Dentistry can build you a new smile that works naturally and looks incredible. If you know someone who hides their smile because of embarrassment, we hope that you will nominate them for our 4th Annual Smile Makeover Giveaway where they can win up to a $50,000 implant procedure… A new smile can be life changing.

  • Confidence—When your smile looks great, you will be more likely to share it. There are so many people with damaged or missing teeth who will avoid smiling altogether because they are ashamed of their teeth. We are passionate about helping these types of patients. After Teeth in a Day, we have had patients with renewed confidence to pursue dreams, opportunities, career paths, and relationships.
  • Appearance—Your smile is the first thing that many people will notice when they see your face. Improving the look of your smile will help enhance your natural beauty. Your other features will be more readily appreciated when your smile compliments your face instead of detracting from it.
  • Function—Missing teeth can make chewing difficult. Even if you have dentures, you may have trouble with chewing and having to avoid many foods. Although you should always be careful with your teeth, teeth in a day will give you a reliable set of teeth to chew with peace of mind. Your new teeth will be almost as strong as healthy natural teeth.
  • Ease—If you have dentures, you are used to having to take them in and out for cleaning. Also, many patients have complained about an uncomfortable fit. Teeth in a day is a customized process to ensure that your new teeth sit comfortably and permanently in your mouth. You will not have to take them in and out. They are secured in your mouth and you just brush them like normal teeth.  They really become a part of you.

If you are ready for a life changing smile transformation, reach out to Hamilton Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation. Also, remember to nominate someone deserving for our Smile Makeover contest!  Visit our website at https://harriscountydentist.com/