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Will My Smile Improve With Dental Crowns In Hamilton, GA?

Image of a dental crown model and teeth model.

When people’s smiles have damaged teeth, it can seriously impact their confidence and willingness to smile. That’s why a skilled doctor will want to improve people’s smiles with dental crowns in Hamilton, GA. Dental crowns are capable of restoring the look and durability of patients’ smiles for years to come. Through the use of the latest techniques and advanced technologies, dental crowns are a reliable smile enhancing treatment.

Continue reading to learn how patients’ smiles can be improved with dental crowns.

How Do Dental Crowns In Hamilton, GA Improve My Smile?

Sometimes referred to as a cap, a tooth crown is a dental device that is placed over the top of a tooth to restore the look and function of the tooth, while also preserving the patients natural tooth root structure. Tooth crowns are custom made to fit the patient’s teeth and match the color and consistency of their surrounding natural teeth.

When a tooth crown is placed, the doctor will first remove some of the patient’s natural tooth in order to make sure it fits properly and securely. Then the dental crown is bonded to the patient’s natural tooth in order to make sure it does not fall out or become loose over time. Once the dental crown is securely placed, the patient will be able to return to enjoying their normal diet and daily life.

Why Should I Get A Dental Crown Over A Dental Implant?

When peoples tooth structures have remained most healthy, a tooth crown is typically recommended over a dental implant. Dental crowns do not require the placement of an artificial tooth root, as the natural one is still viable.

Dental implants, on the other hand, would need the placement of an artificial tooth root, or post, in order to guarantee long term health benefits and success. This makes dental crowns a much better smile restoration option for those who are able to get them.

Am I A Candidate For A Dental Crown?

Candidates for dental crowns are those who have tooth root structures that are not decaying, diseased, or about to fall out. When people have extensive decay on the surface of their tooth, the chances are they are the perfect candidate for tooth crowns. Dental crowns are a great way for patients to preserve their natural teeth for years to come.

Come To Our Office For Your Dental Crown In Hamilton, GA?

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