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When to Call the Emergency Dentist in Harris County, GA

When people have dental emergencies, like knocked out teeth, they should immediately go to an emergency dentist in Harris County, GA. When people with dental emergencies go to a trusted emergency dentist, they will get the immediate help that they need and deserve to fix and restore their smile. There are many types of dental emergencies that people should call an emergency dentist for. Continue reading to learn when to call the emergency dentist.

Under What Conditions Should I Go To An Emergency Dentist In Harris County, GA?

There are many types of dental emergencies that people should go to an emergency dentist for. The biggest indicator that should tell people they should go to an emergency dentist is pain; when people are in so much dental pain that they cannot focus on anything else, then they are probably experiencing a dental emergency. Some of the most common dental emergencies that people have are:

  • Knocked out teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Severe toothaches
  • Injury to the gums or jaw
  • Large object caught between teeth


When people are in any of these dental emergency situations, they will need to go to an emergency dentist fast so they can get the care that they need.

What Should I Do When I Have A Dental Emergency?

The first thing people should do when they have a dental emergency, is stay calm. This will enable them to think clearly and take the necessary actions they need. These people with dental emergencies should then go straight to a quality emergency dentist. An emergency dentist not only has various forms of dental emergency procedures, they also have the latest techniques and advanced technologies to perform those necessary procedures.

The patient focused emergency dentistry office will act quickly to give patients the relief they need. Sedation dentistry options that can be used during patients’ emergency dentistry procedures include anesthesia, nitrous oxide, or sedation dentistry. These sedation dentistry options will keep patients comfortable and anxiety-free for years to come.

Some common tips people should use when they find themselves in a dental emergency include:

Keep Knocked Out Teeth Wet:

People should keep their knocked out or broken teeth wet in their mouth or even in a container of milk to help them preserve it until the emergency dentist can see them.

Wash The Injured Area:

Wash the injured oral area with warm water to help lower the risk of it developing an infection.

Use A Cold Compress:

People with a dental emergency should use a cold compress to minimize any pain they are experiencing.

Have Someone Drive You To The Emergency Dentist:

Ideally, people with a dental emergency should have someone else drive them to an emergency dentist.

In order to avoid dental emergencies, people should wear mouthguards when playing sports like basketball. They should also avoid chewing on hard things like ice or hard candies. People should also go to their emergency dentist often to make sure anything is caught that may cause an emergency in the future.

What Types Of Emergency Dentistry Procedures Can I Go To An Emergency Dentist For?

When dental emergencies occur, it can be a very stressful situation. People with dental emergencies should go to a trusted emergency dentist in Harris County, GA who is able to expertly perform various emergency dentistry procedures that can help them save and restore their smile. Here are the various forms of emergency dentistry procedures that a skilled emergency dentist can perform:



All of these emergency dentistry procedure options are able to be used to help patients save their teeth and smile. With root canals, the emergency dentist is able to eliminate the patient’s pain and protect their surrounding teeth from disease and decay. Tooth extractions remove failing teeth and can prevent other teeth from crowding. Wisdom tooth removals can help prevent the patients surrounding teeth from becoming damaged.

Gum disease treatments like scaling and planning clear out and prevent gum disease. There are also other effective gum disease treatments that can help patients at a state-of-the-art office. When people find themselves in dental emergencies, it is important for them to go straight to an emergency dentist who has the emergency dentistry treatments that can help them save their teeth and their smiles.

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